These women are holding together the continent

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Photo: Meeting at completed Chem’balira Hall

Opportunities for donating

Chem’balira Hall is erected, and serving as a venue for meetings and mentoring of girls from Blantyre Girls’ School, as well as other youth and orphans in Blantyre, in social issues and school work.

We have budgeted $36,000 for operating expenses for the first year, as well as $7500 in one time costs for furnishings and energy.Your support matters. a little bit goes a long way. 

$7,500 in one-time start up investments:

Expected Monthly Expenses = $2950/month

We hope you will join us in acknowledging the important work of empowering the grandmothers of Blantyre to act as role models and resources for improving their lives and those of the girls.

Make a Donation.

We have established the GranCommunity Fund at the Boston Foundation (TBF), that it may serve as the conduit for these monies to the NGO source-accredited Blantyre non-profit that is the local fiscal sponsor of The GranCommunity.

Credit Cards: donations may be made via this link:

Checks: should be made payable to “The Boston Foundation” with “GranCommunity” in the subject line, and Checks can be mailed to:

The Boston Foundation

75 Arlington Street

Boston, MA 02116

For those interested in contributing with a cash wire, securities or other non-cash assets, please contact the Boston Foundation at +1.617.338.2213 or email the Senior Director of Donor Relations at

Should you be interested in supporting a specific item, the following are needed in order to carry out the great mission of The Gran Community:


Monthly expenses

            Electricity      $60/mo

            Water               $50/mo

            Cleaners          $80/mo

            Security          $120/mo


One-off expenses

            Stove                $700

            Fridge               $700

            Generator          $600

            Filing cabinet    $400

            Solar panels      $3,000


For more information about current needs or to get involved, contact