About Malawi


Photo: Lake Malawi

The african country Malawi was granted independence in 1964, after decades as a British Protectorate called Nyasaland…

The country is land-locked in southeastern Africa, surrounded by Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia. Malawi’s greatest natural resource is Lake Malawi, which defines most of its eastern border.

Malawians are categorically enthusiastic, with a desire for improvement and a cheerful approach to work and school, even when these are markedly insufficient. But it is the poorest African democracy, in which the skills and talents of its 19 million people remain untapped and under utilized.

Malawi’s major cities are Lilongwe, the governmental capital, and Blantyre, the commercial center. Cities of 20,000 to 75,000 serve as regional trading centers for countless small villages. Almsot all of the efforts of large international NGOs have been directed towards the countless number of small communities. Projects in the large cities, ignored for many years, are beginning to attract more attention.