About Terry & Margie

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M Terry McEnany

Terry was born in Iowa and educated at Brown and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. After training in General and Cardiothoracic Surgery in Boston and London, he entered academic surgery at the Harvard, Brown and Ohio State Universities’ medical schools until 1982, when he left to start cardiac surgery programs for Kaiser-Permanente in San Francisco and ultimately for the Mayo Clinic’s Medical Center in Wisconsin. Terry retired from surgery at age 59 (1998) and taught people to ski in the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen for the next 17 years.

Terry’s first wife, Gina, died in 2005. He met Margie Bride in 2012, and they were married in 2014. Terry then moved to Cambridge, MA, and started a second educational arc, taking many liberal arts courses in Cambridge and Boston. He and Margie have worked with ROCA, in Chelsea, MA, and Terry is on the board of Thompson Island Outward Bound in Boston. He and Margie became involved with a non-profit in Blantyre, Malawi, in 2015, initially funding a footbridge for school students and now a (senior) Grandmothers’Center. They have travelled widely since 2015 and make annual trips to Malawi.

Marjorie Bride

Marjorie Bride recently stepped down from her position as Vice President at Odysseys Unlimited, Inc. in Newton, MA, where she was responsible for working with the alumni travel programs of universities in this country.   She is now working on a part-time basis at Odysseys and pursuing a second Masters Degree in International Relations at Harvard.

She was born in Baltimore, MD and graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a BA in Economics and the University of Pittsburgh with a MA in Urban Planning.  She worked for the Export-Import Bank in Washington, DC; and the Pennsylvania Southwest Development Association and Oliver Realty in Pittsburgh, PA. On moving to Portland, ME she started her own business as a real estate developer and broker and also started a company to offer domestic tours of Maine, New England and other U.S. regions.  She lives in Cambridge, MA with Terry, and with her children and their families nearby. Travel activities have been a significant part of Margie’s life.  She has visited many destinations, most recently in the Middle East including Iran, and in Africa. She and Terry also contribute to nonprofits in the Boston and Maine area, including Outward Bound, ROCA, the Mitchell Institute and Christ Church Cambridge.